To consider.

Help us to offer you a pleasant experience in Er Occitan. Let us know in advance any food restriction (allergy or intolerance) or dietary choice (vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians, ovolactovegetarians, ovovegetarians, lactovegetarians, carnivores, etc.) that should be considered (minimum 48 hours), otherwise we will find very difficult to adapt the proposal to your needs. In Er Occitan we respect all the food options, but remember that this is your choice. We offer a complete omnivore tasting menu and any request for modification must be made at least 48 hours in advance. We reserve the right to accept your request, attend and adapt our gastronomic proposal. We would also appreciate if you let us know if you want to go out and smoke, so as not to disarrange the timing of the service. The stay in Er Occitan lasts around 2 hours / 2 and a half.

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